Wednesdays from 12:30 - 1 pm in the Cannon Room (C Building, Room 135)

Every week, graduate students and postdocs present their latest research at our "Pizza Talks" where trainees get their fill of both science and pizza! These talks provide an opportunity for trainees to share their work and latest data, receive feedback, and practice presenting their research.

  • Current Academic Year

    Sep. 6, 2023 Amir Karger

    Research Computing

    “Research Computing at HMS: We will make your (research) life better”
    Sep. 13, 2023 João Coelho Shao POSTPONED
    Sep. 20, 2023 Brandon Gassaway Gygi "Investigating T Cell Activation Using the Phosphorylation Integrated Thermal Shift Assay"
    Sep. 27, 2023 Rudolf Pisa Rapoport "Through Thick and Thin: How a Thin Membrane Drives Substrate Selection During ER-Associated Degradation."
    Oct. 4, 2023 Kiran Kurmi Haigis "Regulation of mitochondrial mass during T cell activation"
    Oct. 25, 2023 Nils Burger Chouchani "An Atlas of the Zinc binding Proteome identifies Glutathione Reductase as Zinc-targetable cancer vulnerability"
    Nov. 1, 2023 Philip Dumesic Spiegelman "RBM43 controls PGC1α translation, a PGC1α-STING signaling axis, and glucose homeostasis"
    Nov. 8, 2023 Arda Mizrak Harper "Single molecule tracking of protein transport from the ER to lipid droplets"
    Nov. 15, 2023     NO PIZZA TALK
    Nov. 29, 2023 Allison James Farnung "Predictome screen identifies nucleosome acidic patch interactors”
    Dec. 6, 2023 Pruthvi Gowda Danial “Mechanism and functional consequences of dietary lipids in lineage specification of oncohistone gliomas”
    Dec. 20, 2023 Greg Brunette Pellman “Haplotype-resolved analysis of chromosome structure and evolution using refLinker”
    Jan. 10, 2024 Changqian Zhou Whitman “GCN2 Kinase Activation through Ribosome Collisions: Insights from in vitro Reconstruction of the Amino Acid Response Pathway”
    Jan. 17, 2024 Hsin-Yu Tsai Lee “Translational Control of Virus Replication by Ribosome Heterogeneity"
    Jan. 24, 2024 Zhikai Liu Liberles “Why do we get dizzy after standing up? Neural control of cardiovascular response to postural change”
    Feb. 7, 2024 Madi Cissé Manning “Integration of oncogenic signaling and nutrient sensing by mTORC1 in melanoma”
    Feb. 14, 2024     NO PIZZA TALK
    Feb. 21, 2024     NO PIZZA TALK
    Feb. 28, 2024   Subramanian  
    Mar. 13, 2024   King  
    Mar. 20, 2024   Cantley  
    Mar. 27, 2024   Puigserver  
    Apr. 3, 2024   Moazed  
    Apr. 10, 2024   Van Vactor  
    Apr. 17, 2024   Finley  
    Apr. 24, 2024   Kirchhausen  
    May 1, 2024 João Coelho Shao "The eRF1 degrader SRI-41315 acts as a molecular glue at the ribosomal decoding center”
    May 8, 2024      
    May 15, 2024      
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