Wednesdays from 12:30 - 1 pm in the Cannon Room (C Building, Room 114)

Every week, graduate students and postdocs present their latest research at our "Pizza Talks" where trainees get their fill of both science and pizza! These talks provide an opportunity for trainees to share their work and latest data, receive feedback, and practice presenting their research.

  • Current Academic Year

     Sep 15, 2021 Zhejian Ji Rapoport Lab Translocation of polyubiquitinated protein substrates by the hexameric Cdc48 ATPase
     Sep 22, 2021 Jiaxin Liang Puigserver Lab Endosome Trafficking Defines Mevalonate Pathway Sensitivity in Tumor Resistance
     Sep 29, 2021 Leila Revollo Whitman Lab Establishing functions for the secreted tyrosine kinase VLK
     Oct 20, 2021 Jiaming Li Gygi Lab Proteome-wide mapping of short-lived proteins in human cells
     Nov 17, 2021 Haopeng Xiao Chouchani Lab Architecture of the outbred brown fat proteome defines regulators of metabolic physiology
     Dec 15, 2021 Vincent Chu Shao Lab TBA
     Jan 5, 2022 TBA Van Vactor Lab TBA
     Jan 12, 2022 TBA Finley Lab TBA
     Jan 19, 2022 TBA Spiegelman Lab TBA
     Feb 2, 2022 TBA Brugge Lab TBA
     Feb 9, 2022 TBA Kirchhausen Lab TBA
     Feb 16, 2022 Gengjing Zhao Pellman Lab TBA
     Feb 23, 2022 Judy Shen Sander Lab TBA
     Mar 2, 2022 TBA Reed Lab TBA
     Mar 9, 2022 TBA Goldberg Lab TBA
     Mar 16, 2022 TBA Lee Lab TBA
     Mar 30, 2022 TBA Farese/Walther Lab TBA
     Apr 6, 2022 TBA Moazed Lab TBA
     Apr 13, 2022 TBA Manning Lab TBA
     Apr 20, 2022 TBA Liao Lab TBA
     Apr 27, 2022 TBA Danial Lab TBA
     May 11, 2022 TBA Harper Lab TBA
     May 18, 2022 TBA Subramanian Lab TBA
     May 25, 2022 TBA Liberles TBA
     Jun 1, 2022 Valentina Rossio King Lab TBA
     Jun 8, 2022 Samantha Wong Haigis Lab TBA