Wednesdays from 12:30 - 1 pm in the Cannon Room (C Building, Room 114)

Every week, graduate students and postdocs present their latest research at our "Pizza Talks" where trainees get their fill of both science and pizza! These talks provide an opportunity for trainees to share their work and latest data, receive feedback, and practice presenting their research.

  • Current Academic Year

    Sep. 7, 2022 Mahtab Dastpak Reed Role of the Essential Splicing Factor SF3B1 in Normal and Neoplastic Hematopoieses
    Sep. 14, 2022 Conor Ronayne Puigserver Mitochondrial Ribosome Signaling and Survival Mechanisms in Mitochondrial Disease
    Sep. 28, 2022 Anand Saminathan Kirchhausen How Antisense Oligonucleotides Enter Cells
    Oct. 5, 2022 Conghui Yao Haigis Untargeted Metabolomics Reveals Novel Metabolic Markers for T Cell Activation
    Oct. 26, 2022 Yuan Gao Rapoport Protein Import into Peroxisomes Occurs Through a Nuclear Pore-like Phase
    Nov. 2, 2022 Kevin Dong Gygi Phenotypic Screening with Cysteine-targeting Electrophiles to Discover Proteasome
    Nov. 16, 2022 Narek Darabedian Chouchani Development of a First in Class Inhibitor of Creatine Kinases
    Nov. 30, 2022 Sam Sedor Shao Quality Control of Orphan Ribosomal Subunit Proteins
    Dec. 7, 2022 Mu A Spiegelman Irisin Acts Through its Integrin Receptor in a Novel Two-Step Process
    Dec. 14, 2022 Anan Chen Salic Exploring the Roles of Double-Membrane Vesicles (DMVs) During Coronavirus Infection
    Jan. 18, 2023 Jon Markert Farnung Characterizing H3K36me3 deposition during transcription elongation
    Jan. 25, 2023 Pruthvi Gowda Danial Remodeling lipid metabolism for therapeutic differentiation of oncohistone gliomas
    Feb. 15, 2023 Stamatis Papathanasiou Pellman Mitotic Errors as a novel source of Epigenetic Instability
    Feb. 22, 2023 Kelsey Hickey Harper Quantitative Mapping of the Autophagic Cargo during Nutrient Stress Reveals Membrane Receptors for Golgiphagy
    Mar. 1, 2023 Ngan Phan Lee Mechanism of translation repression mediated by elF3
    Mar. 15, 2023 Mike Schappe Liberles Neural-epithelial coding of airway senses
    Mar. 29, 2023 Yann Cormerais Manning Defining in vivo the role of PI3K-mTORC1 signaling in the regulation of systemic glucose metabolism
    Apr. 5, 2023 Alba Rodriguez Meira Bernstein Developing a molecular toolkit to study epigenetic evolution in cancer
    Apr. 12, 2023 Stefan Niekamp Subramanian Polycomb repressive complex 1 composition and nucleosomal scaffold properties determine extend of chromatin condensation
    Apr. 26, 2023 Valentina Rossio King Discovery of new deubiquitylating enzyme substrates in Xenopus egg extract
    May 3, 2023 Jared Johnson Cantley Intrinsic substrate specificity of the human protein tyrosine kinome
    May 10, 2023 Deyang Yu Puigserver Lysosomal cyst(e)ine regulates melanoma, melanoma dedifferentiation, and ferroptsosis sensitivity
    May 17, 2023 Juntao Yu Moazed DNA replication-coupled parental histone transfer and epigenetic inheritance
    June 7, 2023   Van Vactor  
    June 14, 2023 Jennifer Waters, Tally Lambert, Federico Gasparoli NIC Online tools for learning and performing light microscopy