Use of conference rooms

  • To make a reservation sign in into the calendar using the department username and password. 
  • Please enter your name and phone (or email) in the calendar "Popup text" field; otherwise, the site administrator reserves the right to delete your entry.
  • Please clean up after your meeting.
  • Please turn off the projector and room lights after use. LCD displays do not need to be turned off due to their sleep function.
  • If the projector bulb needs to be replaced, please contact Gintas Sekmokas (WARP) at gsekmokas at
  • If you want to edit or cancel your entry, please email Cell_Bio_Events at
  • Instructions for Hybrid Meetings in capable rooms 

Reserving Cell Biology conference rooms

  • ALL Cell Biology Rooms (master calendar for viewing only)
  • C-439: Table 10-12; Seated capacity 27; LCD Screen Projection System, Hybrid Meeting capable
  • C-517: Table 20-22; Seated capacity 33, Projector, Hybrid Meeting capable
  • C-639: Table 9-10; Seated capacity 16; Projector
  • LHRRB 331: Table 11-13; Seated capacity 25; LCD Screen Projection System

Other campus conference rooms and spaces