Thursdays at 12:30 pm in the Cannon Room (C Building, Room 114)

For more than 25 years, the Cell Bio Seminar Series has featured outstanding researchers studying key questions in cell biology and related fields. This series takes place every other week on Thursdays, alternating with a seminar series hosted by our neighboring department, Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology (BCMP). During their visit, invited researchers meet with faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows. These talks are open to all members of the Harvard research and medical communities, including those based in affiliated hospitals.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, Cell Bio seminars will be held over Zoom or a Hybrid stream from the C-Building Cannon Room, typically from 12:30 - 1:30 pm on Thursdays. For more information, please contact

For the 2021-2022 academic year, BCMP seminars will be held over Zoom or a Hybrid stream from the C-Building Cannon Room, typically from 12:30 - 1:30 pm on Thursdays. For more information, contact:

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  • Current Academic Year

     Sep 09, 2021      
     Sep 16, 2021 John Tesmer, PhD Structure and function of G protein-coupled receptor kinases Andrew Kruse (BCMP)
     Sep 23, 2021 Anthony A Hyman, PhD Condensates in physiology and disease Tobi Walther (Cell Bio)
     Sep 27, 2021 Samara Reck-Peterson, PhD RNA Recoding of the Intracellular Transport Machinery Radhika Subramanian (Cell Bio)
     Sep 30, 2021 Steve Hahn, PhD Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation and coactivator specificity Steve Buratowski (BCMP)
     Oct 14, 2021 Rebecca Heald, PhD Fun experiments you can only do with frogs Adrian Salic (Cell Bio)
     Oct 21, 2021 Victor Corces, PhD Mechanisms of transgenerational inheritance of obesity epiphenotypes Steve Buratowski (BCMP)
     Oct 28, 2021 Xavier Darzacq, PhD Live cells single molecule biochemistry: what can we learn by interrogating molecular interactions in their cellular context? Lucas Farnung (Cell Bio)
     Nov 04, 2021 Kevan Shokat, PhD Discovering and Deploying Chemical Strategies to Drug KRAS: The Formerly Undruggable Oncogene Eric Fischer (BCMP)
     Nov 10, 2021 Gira Bhabha, PhD How microsporidia pathogens use ballistic organelles to invade host cells Tom Rapoport (Cell Bio)
     Nov 18, 2021 Daniela Nicastro, PhD Probing the molecular organization of cells and organelles using cryo-electron tomography Alan Brown (BCMP)
     Dec 02, 2021 Job Dekker, PhD Chromosome folding throughout the cell cycle and across the tree of life David Pellman (Cell Bio)
     Dec 09, 2021 Jeff Gordon, MD Cancelled Sloan Devlin (BCMP)
     Dec 16, 2021 Elly Tanaka, PhD Cellular and molecular determinants of regeneration ability Randy King (Cell Bio)
     Jan 06, 2022 Rotem Sorek, PhD Rescheduled Kevin Struhl (BCMP)
     Jan 13, 2022 David Holtzman, MD The role of APOE in Aβ and tau mediated pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease John Flanagan (Cell Bio)
     Jan 20, 2022 John Rubenstein, PhD TBA Steve Harrison (BCMP)
     Jan 27, 2022 Yanhui Xu, PhD TBA Maofu Liao (Cell Bio)
     Feb 03, 2022 James Bardwell, PhD TBA Jean Zhao(BCMP)
     Feb 10, 2022 Yuki Oka, PhD TBA Steve Liberles (Cell Bio)
     Feb 17, 2022 Allison Williams, PhD TBA Steve Blacklow (BCMP)
     Feb 24, 2022 Eric N Olson, PhD TBA Fred Goldberg (Cell Bio)
     Mar 03, 2022 Sarah O'Connor, PhD TBA Phil Cole (BCMP)
     Mar 10, 2022 Anne Brunet, PhD TBA Brendan Manning (Cell Bio)
     Mar 17, 2022 Amy Keating, PhD TBA Tim Springer (BCMP)
     Mar 24, 2022 Peter Walter, PhD TBA Bob Farese (Cell Bio)
     Mar 31, 2022 Leemor Joshua-Tor, PhD TBA BCMP Trainee Committee
     Apr 07, 2022 Lily Jan, PhD TBA Marito Hayashi (Cell Bio Trainee)
     Apr 14, 2022 Craig Cameron, PhD TBA Don Coen (BCMP)
     Apr 21, 2022 Navdeep Chandel, PhD TBA Ed Chouchani (Cell Bio)
     Apr 28, 2022 Roshanak Irannejad, PhD TBA Andrew Kruse (BCMP)
     May 05, 2022 Rachel Klevit, PhD TBA Dan Finley (Cell Bio)
     May 19, 2022 Kelly Nguyen, PhD TBA Eric Fischer (BCMP)
    Jun 02, 2022      
    Jun 09, 2022 Brian Shoichet, PhD TBA Hari Arthanari (BCMP)
    Jun 16, 2022 Eva Nogales TBA Davie Van Vactor (Cell Bio)
    Jun 23, 2022 David Olson, PhD TBA Sloan Devlin (BCMP)