Access and usage policies

Equipment listed here are purchased and supported through Cell Biology departmental funds and may be used by any member of Cell Biology, including members from off-Quad labs. If you are a researcher from another department, please contact Cell_Bio_Operations at to discuss access.

Equipment sign-up calendars

All users must reserve time slots to use the following pieces of equipment using the appropriate calendars. Use of Attune Flow Cytometer, Leica Cryostat, M5 Plate Reader, and Typhoon 5 require training; please contact Cell_Bio_Operations at to schedule training.

Equipment sign-up sheets

All users must sign up upon arrival at the following pieces of equipment.  Shortcuts to these signup sheets can be found on the desktop of the associated computer.  If necessary, log in at and choose the piece of equipment you’d like to use.  

  • Gel Doc 
  • Scanner 1
  • Scanner 2
  • Scintillation Counter