Manuel Valeriano named a Damon Runyon Fellow

Photo of Manuel Valeriano

Manuel Osorio Valeriano, a post-doctoral researcher in the Farnung lab, has been named a Damon Runyon Fellow. Manuel has been awarded the Philip O'Bryan Montgomery, Jr., MD Fellowship and is co-mentored by Lucas Farnung and Danesh Moazed. Manuel’s project focuses on the chromatin remodeling complex NuRD. NuRD iplays a major role in making chromatin either accessible or inaccessible. Dysregulation of NuRD and aberrant targeting of the complex can result in the emergence of several types of cancers, including breast, liver, lung, blood, and prostate cancers. Manuel’s work will reveal mechanistic aspects of NuRD-mediated chromatin regulation by employing a combination of biochemical and structural biology approaches.