Sichen Shao

Sichen (Susan) Shao, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Cell Biology (HMS)

Sichen (Susan) Shao, Ph.D., joined Harvard Medical School in 2016. Susan received her Ph.D. in biological sciences from the NIH graduate partnerships program with Johns Hopkins University. She then performed postdoctoral work at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK.

The Shao Lab studies cellular mechanisms that surveil different steps of protein biosynthesis to regulate gene expression and maintain protein homeostasis. How quality control factors distinguish rare aberrant products from similar biosynthetic intermediates is a fundamental problem in biomedical science. The Shao Lab biochemically reconstitutes quality control pathways that act on ribosomes during protein synthesis and that sort membrane proteins to different organelles. Combining these experimental systems with mechanistic and structural approaches generates molecular-level insights into physiological processes essential for cell survival, proliferation, and differentiation.

Harvard Medical School

Dept. of Cell Biology, C-448

240 Longwood Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

Lab telephone: 617-432-1067

STING cyclic dinucleotide sensing originated in bacteria.
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The endoplasmic reticulum P5A-ATPase is a transmembrane helix dislocase.
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In vitro reconstitution of translational arrest pathways.
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