Headshot of Lewis Cantley

Lewis Cantley, Ph.D.

Professor of Cell Biology (HMS)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Lew Cantley is widely known for his many seminal discoveries in signaling and metabolism, including the identification of PI3 kinase and its role in transformation, as well as groundbreaking work unraveling the complexities of protein kinase signaling--his work has had major impact across virtually every aspect of cancer cell biology. For those of you who are new to the department, Lew was a Cell Bio faculty member from 1992-2003 before transitioning to the then newly formed HMS Department of Systems Biology in 2003. In 2012, Lew was recruited to Weill Cornell in New York City, where he served as Director of the Meyer Cancer Center. There, he built a remarkable program focused on the intersection of metabolism and signaling in cancer.

Lew rejoined the Department of Cell Biology at HMS and the DFCI-Cancer Cell Biology in 2022.  

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Cancer Cell Biology

Faculty Assistant

What a tangled web we weave: emerging resistance mechanisms to inhibition of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase pathway.
Authors: Authors: Klempner SJ, Myers AP, Cantley LC.
Cancer Discov
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Depletion of a putatively druggable class of phosphatidylinositol kinases inhibits growth of p53-null tumors.
Authors: Authors: Emerling BM, Hurov JB, Poulogiannis G, Tsukazawa KS, Choo-Wing R, Wulf GM, Bell EL, Shim HS, Lamia KA, Rameh LE, Bellinger G, Sasaki AT, Asara JM, Yuan X, Bullock A, Denicola GM, Song J, Brown V, Signoretti S, Cantley LC.
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Lin28 enhances tissue repair by reprogramming cellular metabolism.
Authors: Authors: Shyh-Chang N, Zhu H, Yvanka de Soysa T, Shinoda G, Seligson MT, Tsanov KM, Nguyen L, Asara JM, Cantley LC, Daley GQ.
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Phosphorylation of BRAF by AMPK impairs BRAF-KSR1 association and cell proliferation.
Authors: Authors: Shen CH, Yuan P, Perez-Lorenzo R, Zhang Y, Lee SX, Ou Y, Asara JM, Cantley LC, Zheng B.
Mol Cell
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MicroRNA-antagonism regulates breast cancer stemness and metastasis via TET-family-dependent chromatin remodeling.
Authors: Authors: Song SJ, Poliseno L, Song MS, Ala U, Webster K, Ng C, Beringer G, Brikbak NJ, Yuan X, Cantley LC, Richardson AL, Pandolfi PP.
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A co-clinical approach identifies mechanisms and potential therapies for androgen deprivation resistance in prostate cancer.
Authors: Authors: Lunardi A, Ala U, Epping MT, Salmena L, Clohessy JG, Webster KA, Wang G, Mazzucchelli R, Bianconi M, Stack EC, Lis R, Patnaik A, Cantley LC, Bubley G, Cordon-Cardo C, Gerald WL, Montironi R, Signoretti S, Loda M, Nardella C, Pandolfi PP.
Nat Genet
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Stem cell metabolism in tissue development and aging.
Authors: Authors: Shyh-Chang N, Daley GQ, Cantley LC.
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The mTORC1 pathway stimulates glutamine metabolism and cell proliferation by repressing SIRT4.
Authors: Authors: Csibi A, Fendt SM, Li C, Poulogiannis G, Choo AY, Chapski DJ, Jeong SM, Dempsey JM, Parkhitko A, Morrison T, Henske EP, Haigis MC, Cantley LC, Stephanopoulos G, Yu J, Blenis J.
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Phosphoinositides and membrane curvature switch the mode of actin polymerization via selective recruitment of toca-1 and Snx9.
Authors: Authors: Gallop JL, Walrant A, Cantley LC, Kirschner MW.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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Glutamine supports pancreatic cancer growth through a KRAS-regulated metabolic pathway.
Authors: Authors: Son J, Lyssiotis CA, Ying H, Wang X, Hua S, Ligorio M, Perera RM, Ferrone CR, Mullarky E, Shyh-Chang N, Kang Y, Fleming JB, Bardeesy N, Asara JM, Haigis MC, DePinho RA, Cantley LC, Kimmelman AC.
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