John Flanagan
John Flanagan, Ph.D.
Professor of Cell Biology (HMS)

John Flanagan, Ph.D., did his undergraduate training at the University of Oxford in biochemistry and his graduate training at the University of Cambridge, UK in molecular biology. His postdoctoral training was at Harvard Medical School in the Genetics department, focused on cell-cell signaling, after which he joined the Department of Cell Biology as a faculty member.

The Flanagan lab studies how cell-cell signaling molecules set up spatial pattern, particularly in the development and regeneration of connections in the nervous system.

Harvard Medical School

Dept. of Cell Biology, LHRRB 601B

240 Longwood Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

Lab Phone: 617-432-4096

Lab Fax: 617-432-7285

COVID-19: ensuring safe clinical teaching at university optometry schools.
Authors: Authors: Jonuscheit S, Lam AKC, Schmid KL, Flanagan J, Martin R, Troilo D.
Ophthalmic Physiol Opt
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The Harvard Medical School Pathways Curriculum: Reimagining Developmentally Appropriate Medical Education for Contemporary Learners.
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Letter from America1.
Authors: Authors: Bullimore MA, Flanagan JG.
Ophthalmic Physiol Opt
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Receptor-specific interactome as a hub for rapid cue-induced selective translation in axons.
Authors: Authors: Koppers M, Cagnetta R, Shigeoka T, Wunderlich LC, Vallejo-Ramirez P, Qiaojin Lin J, Zhao S, Jakobs MA, Dwivedy A, Minett MS, Bellon A, Kaminski CF, Harris WA, Flanagan JG, Holt CE.
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Insulin Receptor Associates with Promoters Genome-wide and Regulates Gene Expression.
Authors: Authors: Hancock ML, Meyer RC, Mistry M, Khetani RS, Wagschal A, Shin T, Ho Sui SJ, Näär AM, Flanagan JG.
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Retinal blood oxygen saturation and aqueous humour biomarkers in early diabetic retinopathy.
Authors: Authors: Tayyari F, Khuu LA, Sivak JM, Flanagan JG, Singer S, Brent MH, Hudson C.
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All roads lead to glaucoma: Induced retinal injury cascades contribute to a common neurodegenerative outcome.
Authors: Authors: Alqawlaq S, Flanagan JG, Sivak JM.
Exp Eye Res
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Structural Characterization of a Heparan Sulfate Pentamer Interacting with LAR-Ig1-2.
Authors: Authors: Gao Q, Yang JY, Moremen KW, Flanagan JG, Prestegard JH.
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Validation of the UNC OCT Index for the Diagnosis of Early Glaucoma.
Authors: Authors: Mwanza JC, Lee G, Budenz DL, Warren JL, Wall M, Artes PH, Callan TM, Flanagan JG.
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Astrocyte-derived lipoxins A4 and B4 promote neuroprotection from acute and chronic injury.
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